How to send Customized or personalized SMS with GoDakiya? Why Personalized SMS important? What is the effect of Personalized bulk SMS?

Nobody likes to read something that looks like it’s been sent to almost half of the country at one go. Today, GoDakiya bulk SMS campaigns can only probably be successful if you saturate each message with a personal touch.

How do you do that? We’ll discuss this in this GoDakiya guide !

Easily personalize your text messages with names, Contact information, or custom fields to add an extra personal touch.

Messages become more personal when you add your contacts name. Use a merge field [FNAME] and we’ll insert the name in your SMS.

Gather customer details

Segment the collected customer data

Personalize text messages

Note – Don’t go overboard with the messages, be careful about the relevancy and timeliness of the information you’re about to send. Otherwise, you risk being perceived as an annoyance.

For example:

“Send DISCOUNTS to 45356XXX” to receive discount coupons from your nearest shopping malls. Dear Akash, we have an offer for you to get DISCOUNTS of 50% from pantaloons.

“Send OFFERS to 35367XXX” to receive all the latest offers on talk time plans.

Dear Priya, on number XXXXX you have a full-time Talktime offer.

Here, the words DISCOUNTS and OFFERS serve as keywords.

And you’re done!

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